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I've had this one song on sporadic repeat for several weeks recently.  Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to my music listening, I tend to take notice the choice of instrumentation, rhythm, and production quality first.  Lyrics often escape my listening ear...
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How much am I selling myself?

As an update to that last post, music sales are BLAZING! Ok, maybe not. Since then, I have earned a whopping $0.21 off of a total of 30 streams on Apple Music. It must be because it's SUCH an amazing track, lol :D...
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Selling myself

It's not quite as dramatic as it sounds, but by some perspectives, it's just as significant.  As I continue to challenge myself to produce more music, regardless of much I like some of what I am working on, or how great some of the work is or isn't, I've spent a bit...
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You know when…

... you come across that track that just works?  Boom!  Love...
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On my Soundcloud profile, I have playlist I have been continually adding to over the last many month.  There's some good tracks here, largely of the house/deep-house variety.  
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