House of Teeth is a brand created by “The Dentist”, also sometimes known by his real name of Dr. Sean Peter Sikorski (who is a middle-aged homosexual with often-unkept hair). ¬†While the HoT is also a dental practice that he founded and operates in Hipsterville, Vancouver (Mount Pleasant), his t-shirt sales began as an effort to subsidize dental care for those on government assistance.

The House of Teeth was born out of inspiration from the movie, ‘Paris is Burning,’ where a ‘House’ was something akin to a queer street gang that took care of each other. And from Fashion Houses as an alternative to corporate private practise dentistry or community dentistry. Both of which he has done.

T-shirt sales continue to support the House which gives back to those struggling to access dental care. T-shirts have expanded from those explicitly promoting the House of Teeth to other artists at the House of Teeth. But sales continue to support efforts to provide access to care.

Please visit for matters pertaining to the House of Teeth dental practice.