Who is DubbulDee and what is this blog all about?

DubbulDee is a pseudonym somewhat self-assigned by myself, Chadd Andre.  The name itself refers to the uncommon spelling of my name, with two d’s, hence double-d, or in this case, DubbulDee.  If you want to know the full story, see bottom of this page.

And this blog?   It is a place to express myself relating to several passions: travel, music, and home-town Vancouver, and there is a page here for each, as you can see along the top.

Travel: With a lot of travel for business and pleasure, photography along the way undoubtedly always occurs.  This blog is a medium to share those experiences, and some of the stories that go along with it, that are often left out of the Intagram or Facebook story.

Music: It has always been a part of my life experience, from many different aspects.  Curating music is perhaps the least technical, yet still very enjoyable aspect that continues to allow for self-expression.

Vancouver: Despite all of my (often-frequent) travels, my eyes are always glued out the window when arriving back home; there really is no other place like it.  I am proud to call this part of the world my home.

Why ‘DubbulDee’?

While we have all seen many posts of people’s ‘Starbucks’ name as they appear on their favourite caffeinated beverage due to lack of understanding, if you ever, EVER, say my name for someone to write down, Starbucks or otherwise, it always shows up as Chad (or Jack or Jeff if you’re not very articulate in your speech).  There is no offence taken on my part, since is an entirely logical and reasonable assumption to make (unless it’s someone close enough to me who should know, and even then not really).  I mean really, who would have two d’s in the name of Chad? So in an extremely passive effort to raise awareness for the spelling of my name, and given that handles and domain names across the interwebs have already claimed alternatives forms of ‘double-d’, I have found myself using DubbulDee for some time.  Especially since it’s a bit difficult and clumsy in its written construction, I don’t really care if you spell DubbulDee wrong, you just may not find me online that easily otherwise.  Besides, it’s all about the Chadd – a Charlie’s Angels reference for those of you that didn’t catch it.

So why the double-d?  The Coles Notes® version: numerology.  For real.  My paternal grandparents had been very much involved in the movement in their younger years (in fact, changing both of their first names, and slightly adjusting our family name in the process).  My name did not add up well spelled just as Chad Andre.  My parents liked the name though, so proposed Chadd Andre instead, et voilà, Gramma and Grampa crunched the numbers and came up with a much more agreeable result that all were happy with.

PS dash… oh, and while we’re at it, Andre isn’t French either.  Nor is it pronounced ‘ohn-dray’.  Nor is there an accent over the ‘e’ which in french would give it the ‘dray’.  Maybe I’ll get into that one some other time.