Jan 14, 2017

I’ve had this one song on sporadic repeat for several weeks recently.  Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to my music listening, I tend to take notice the choice of instrumentation, rhythm, and production quality first.  Lyrics often escape my listening ear by default, and when I finally take note of a song’s lyrics, it adds a final layer to the song that takes it to that next level.  Conrad, by SOHN is this most recent song that I’ve just completed this above said exercise.  The song is beautiful across all of those layers.  And given its modern electronic nature, I was also pleasantly surprised to see that SOHN performed on Jimmy Kimmel just a few days ago, and they’ve got their gig sorted.  Respect earned.

Through my music discoveries, I’ve recently had many serendipidous moments where as I’m just coming to know the artist, as I look a bit further, I find them on tour, with dates in Vancouver in the not-too-distant future.  SOHN is no exception, visiting us 08Apr17.  I immediately bought tickets when I stumbled on it.  I was also excited to see that it’s at a venue I have yet to experience – the Rickshaw Theatre on East Hastings.  Furthermore, I am discovering this venue has some interesting history behind it, feeding into my love for my home-town city.  I’ll let you know how the show is when time comes.

In any case, check out SOHN.  Beyond this one song, the recently-released full album, Rennen, is worth a listen, as are many other worthy older works as well.  One of my favourite features of Apple Music (and Spotify), is to create a new station based on a song.  I’ve done so many times now with Conrad, by SOHN, and produced some interesting results and additional new discoveries – a great way to discover even more new music!